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Dr Panagiota Dimitropoulou serves as an Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology, at the Department of Psychology at the University of Crete. She graduated from the Department of Psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) where she also obtained her MSc from the Postgraduate Programme in School Psychology of NKUA and her Ph.D. degree in School Psychology. She is member of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), and the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) and the Hellenic Psychological Society and she is the official representative of Greece in the Board of Promotion and Prevention of EFPA. Since 2020, she is the Convenor of the Board. She has participated in the development, implementation and assessment of evidence-based prevention and intervention programs (primary, secondary and system level) in Institutions and schools in Greece and Cyprus. Her research interests include issues relevant to current trends in school and educational psychology, such as mental health promotion, development and implementation of evidence-based intervention programs in the school community, motivation and academic emotions, psycho emotional adjustment of children with emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties, provision of mental health services with the use of technology (e-mental health) and cyberbullying. She has been involved in several national and European research projects. She has published articles in international and national journals and books and she has participated in national and international conferences.

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Bio- “Liam Miles is a Third Year Criminology Student at Birmingham City University and has a passion for writing from a range of topics including critical notions of violence, conflict in the Middle East, Security Studies, political economy and various theoretical frameworks surrounding crime and deviance. His research interests have involved Student safety on campus and violence through an ultra realist framework”.

I wasn’t sure if these were necessary but please see below 4 links to my publications.
1) British Society of Criminology blogs – – comics as a new approach In pedagogy.

2) Open University – Corporate crime piece. –

3) my personal blog page- Liamcrime
I hope this reads well. Please feel free to amend as you see fit.

4) Micro and macro harms of neoliberalism through the lens of structural violence published by BCU

Virginija Klimukienė is a head of the Counselling and Training Centre at Vilnius University,
Lithuania, where she is responsible for organizing a wide range of psychological services for the
University-community members. She graduated from the Vilnius University with Doctor ‘s degree
in Psychology in 2020. Her thesis was on Risk and Protective Factors of Adolescent Convicts: The
Dynamics and Prediction of Delinquent Behaviour. She further takes an interest in transition age
youth, and investigates intervention strategies to prevent and treat various emotional and
behavioural problems in emerging adults.

Ieva Vasionyte – I am a Health psychologist – psychotherapist, working as a Community
psychologist at Vilnius university. In the past 5 years I’ve bin working in the are of Students’ mental
health, developing and implementing mental health crisis management interventions in Vilnius
university community; working on strategies to increase availability of psychological services for
students. I am a trainer as well, specializing in stress management, efficient learning and Mental
health first aid.

Ksenija Čunichina – I am a Clinical psychologist, PhD, working at Institute of Psychology, Vilnius
university, as a lecturer (since 2009) and a psychologist at private practice. I am specialized in
psychology of criminal behaviour, procedural justice and personality psychology. The main areas of
my interests are mental health and therapeutic self-practices.

Birmingham City University (BCU) is a publicly funded higher education institution
with around 24,000 students from 80 countries studying on full-time and part-time
courses. In this capacity, it provides a wide range of taught undergraduate and
postgraduate programmes, Masters and Doctoral level research and also delivers
many Knowledge Transfer, Community Engagement and Professional Development
initiatives. The University has particular strengths in interdisciplinary working and the
practical application of knowledge, underpinning a deep commitment to professional
relevance and employability. The University has an enviable reputation for providing
quality, student-focused education in a professional and friendly environment.
Our superb courses, state-of-the-art facilities, first-rate staff, and focus on practical
skills and professional relevance is producing some of the country’s most
employable graduates with 92% of our graduate in employment or further study, six
months after graduation. We are proud of the impact our students have in changing
the lives of others once graduated and we also support lifelong learning with our
continued professional development courses for professionals. BCU aims to be a
major player in supporting the growth of Birmingham and the region, supporting
urban development, social change and community transformation for the public

We have put £270 million into the regional economy and support thousands of jobs
in the area. Moreover, a massive recent investment of £260 million in our estate,
including a major expansion of our city centre campus at Eastside, provided students
with an enviable range of facilities. The Complete University Guide ranked us as a
top 30 UK university for spending on facilities in 2015. Our buildings offer learning
spaces that enable students and staff to use space to support one another, to spend
time and to enjoy university life together.
Our staff and student community is defined by our core values, which outline who we
are as a University and how we will work with each other. Our core values are
Excellence, People focused, Partnership working and Fairness and integrity. The
University has a strong vision of reaching out to local communities and building on
these core values to provide education that supports a person- centred and
employability oriented experience for all students. The position of the University,
central to the UK and in a thriving cosmopolitan and diverse population, has led to a
student body of extraordinary breadth and difference, with 65% of our students
coming from Black and Minority Ethnic communities. BCU is proud of its diverse
students and staff and their civic engagement and positive influence upon urban
development and community wellbeing. We welcome over 4,000 international
students to BCU each year and invest in building connections internationally and in
Europe as a key player for global citizenship.

Contributors’ bios and webpages

Loss presentation
Tanya Anagnostopoulou, Ph.D.,  is a clinical psychologist and a founding member of
the Hellenic Institute of Psychology and Health, a non profit organization in
Thessaloniki, Greece. She has implemented and supervised programs and courses
on loss and grief for educators and psychologists; she has authored the book “ Grief
in Children: A guide for Parents and Teachers” (in greek).

Procrastination presentation

Kyriaki Milousi is a counseling psychologist and psychotherapist. She graduated
from the Department of Psychology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and
obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Nottingham, UK.
Her continuous training is focusing in the field of cognitive analytic therapy, along
with psychodynamic and systemic approaches. Over the last 15 years she is working
in private practice and at the Centre of Counseling and Supporting Students at
University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece, providing individual and group
counseling, seminars and workshops in order to further develop students’ academic,
emotional and interpersonal skills.


Anxiety, Stress, Mindfulness Presentation
Rebecca is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Birmingham City University, where she is
joint Mental Health & Wellbeing lead for the School of Social Sciences and co-leads an

online MSc Psychology (conversion) course. She teaches Psychopathology, Self &
Relationship, and Stress & Disease.

Main research interests cover two broad areas: understanding attitudes and perceptions in
response to major socio-political events (e.g., Covid and Brexit), and the impact of
Mindfulness and Compassion on wellbeing. She currently supervises two PhD students.
Rebecca is an experienced meditator and is training for ordination within the Triratna
Buddhist Community. She is also a qualified mindfulness teacher, fitness instructor, and
trainee yoga teacher. She is currently teaching classes online to staff, students, and the

Akis (Theodoros) Giovazolias, PsychD, is an Associate Professor of Counselling
psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Crete, Greece. He is also
the Director of the Student Counselling Centre of University of Crete and former Co-
ordinator of the Division of Counselling Psychology of the Hellenic Association of
Psychology. His research interests focus on parental and intimate acceptance-rejection
and its correlates on the psychological adjustment of children and young adults,
especially student populations. He is particularly interested in the notion of rejection
sensitivity as a predictor of various psychological aspects in different age samples. He
is Honorary Editor-in-Chief of European Journal of Counselling Psychology and
serves as Editorial member and ad-hoc reviewer in more than 30 international peer-
reviewed journals. He publishes his work in peer review journals and participates in
both national and international conferences.
e-mail: , phone: +32831077520

Maria Karekla, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist, peer-reviewed Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy trainer, and Associate Professor, University of Cyprus is heading
the clinical psychology “ACTHealthy: Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine”
laboratory. She received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University
at Albany, SUNY. She completed her residency at the University of Mississippi Medical
Center and Veterans Administration Hospital. Her research focuses on areas of health
promotion and the investigation of individual difference factors (especially psychological
flexibility parameters) as they relate to the development and maintenance of various
behavioural difficulties (especially anxiety, eating, and health related problems).
Additionally, she examines the treatment of these difficulties utilizing Acceptance and
Commitment-based principles and innovative delivery methods (e.g., digital
interventions, virtual reality). Her research received numerous local, European and
international grants, and awards by (among others) the European Council and
Pompidou’s group, the Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the Association for the
Advancement of Behavior Therapy. She is currently the chair of the Clinical Psychology
Doctorate committee, University of Cyprus. She is also the chair of the European
Federation of Psychology Associations’ Psychology and Health committee and a
member of the e-health task force. She recently completed terms in chairing the Cyprus
Bioethics Committee on Biomedical Research and being a member of the Cyprus
Psychologist Licensing Board. She presently serves as the treasurer/secretary of the
Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, from where she received the status of
“Fellow” in 2019. In 2018 she was nominated as Cyprus “Woman of the Year:
Academic/Researcher category.” Her first psychotherapeutic childrens’ story book was
nominated in 2017 for the National Literary Awards in the category
Children/Adolescents and also for her illustrations for the book.


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2) Laboratory website:
Tedx talk: