T1 subpage 6 : Constructing Supportive Environments
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Constructing Supportive Environments

  1. Academics and staff Implement strategies to accommodate the greater number of students enrolling in HE
    1. Provide adequate support so that staff and academics can achieve a work-life balance
    2. provide administrative support
    3. support academics in their instructional role
  2.  students
      1. support students to create interactions with faculty and peers
      2. inform students of available support service (such as academic, pastoral, health and wellbeing)
      3. extracurricular engagement
  3. enviromental context
    1. review, audit, and monitor the health impact of the university’s social and physical enviroment
    2. monitor the implementation of equality and diversity policies
    3. monitor the implementation of health and safety regulations
    4. conduct staff and student satisfaction evaluations